This project was born to manifest our hidden wishes and our fantasies during quarantine. A time so unpleasant, a time so visceral. As we faced our shadows every time of day from home, we got to learn more about ourselves than we’ve ever done. Wether you get it from the news, your friend or a family member... we all want safety, love and opportunity. Until we allow ourselves to be caring and free, like our dreams.
2.1 x 3x4 Original Photo Prints in 5 x 7 in premium stock card. Hand-sewn detail.

Although it is sometimes hard to acknowledge ourselves we’re worthy of love (that we deny any love offered to us) sometimes it knocks at your door and it grows inside you until it is too big for you to ignore. The countless stories, thoughts, and memories shared suddenly hit you. All of the intimate moments in the busiest of streets, the soft glances in bed as the ocean-waves rock our bodies.  Making love is both cathartic and courageous. For to feel these emotions overtake us during intercourse and allow them to exist - a smile accompanied by a few tears, eye contact, moments of silence and pure bliss.

We live in a time where it's courageous to love,
it's courageous to care.
But to those who do,
the leaping rewards are endless.
It’s natural all people eventually forget these profoundly revealing attachments, our external life requires we operate with attention and ambitions. Our relationships eventually clash with this reality threatening to destroy everything we’ve built. Suddenly our earthly desires overtake us and we look for a fleeing moment (of fun) to escape this reality.