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Multimedia Producer
Helping small businesses and individuals grow their brand trough storytelling. Consulting services with a focus on creative direction and project organization. On demand photography, video & web design services, student film distribution & marketing.​​​​​​​
Founder & Executive Director
Creating workshops, activities and marketing materials for our initiative centered around uplifting the creative voices of marginalized communities, giving them access to filmmaking learning resources and equipment.​​​​​​​
Co-Producer/Marketing Director/Director of Photography
Co-Producing credit on an SMC Film Program production. In charge of marketing, and cinematography for our thesis short film “Las Tres Chicas”-  in collaboration with Keslow Camera and The Hollywood Foreign Press.​​​​​​​
Creator, Creative Director & Editor
Santa Monica College Film Program's first original web series - An intimate conversation with transgender women around the globe. Celebrating the diversity of thought and individuality in the transgender community with new audiences.
Photographer & Visual Artist
Focus on street photography, portraiture & mixed media art.​​​​​​​