Mateo Nikolav is a multimedia producer and visual artist based in Los Angeles, CA. 
Born in Quito, Ecuador, he completed high school in three different countries. These experiences have shaped his perspective and affinity for people, meeting countless individuals from all walks of life. In his work, Mateo enjoys exploring the collective human experience through photography, written stories, video and other collaborative mediums. 
He has directed two short films, created a web-series and edited all of his projects to date. He is pursuing his dream to become a cinematographer, working with Santa Monica College on its production of "Las Tres Chicas" & with Rengifo Films for "Azizam." 
Mateo currently runs Decoded Studio, a small multimedia business offering video, photo & web design services. He also co-founded Decoded Artists, an online initiative that provides disadvantaged communities with free classes and tools to jumpstart their filmmaking journeys.